Are Polar Bears Going Extinct? | Why are Polar Bears Going Extinct?

No! Polar bears are not going extinct—not at least in the next two decades. The argument stands to several logical explanations. The situation is probably not as worse as many think it is. While climate change has caused significant damage to the animal’s natural habitat the polar bear nevertheless still occurs in thousands. People can lie but numbers can’t! The current estimate of ice bear population is up to 31,000 but scientists do believe that the figures are understated. It is understandably a tough ask to find bears let alone female bears that go into dormancy for 4 – 5 months. Let us study when are polar bears going to be extinct.

Are Polar Bears Going Extinct?

Polar bears recovery is definitely one of the biggest success stories. It goes without saying that the population size is around 25,000 or may be 30,000 but the figures do not accurately reflect on the worldwide population. Biologists believe that the global estimate is likely to be higher than the population 50 years ago.

Polar Bear Extinction Status in Kara Sea

The recent population estimate in the Kara Sea suggests 3,000 – 4,000 more polar bears living as compared to the earlier stats. Still the figures do not reflect the estimate provided by the Russian biologists in which they added up 3,200 individuals to the current population size.

Polar Bear Extinction Status in Chukchi Sea

Polar bears in the Chukchi Sea are growing in numbers and the situation appears to be under control as compared to 1980s. However scientists are not able to measure the precise population size in the Chukchi Sea.

Ringed Seals Population Rise

The Chukchi Sea bear population is extremely healthy precisely because the ringed seals’ population is continuously increasing. During ice-free summer months seals become abundant in the open water of the Chukchi Sea. The greater is the number of seals the higher is the number of seal pups in the coming months. Research on seal population from 2008 to 2011 indicates that polar bears inhabiting the Chukchi Sea do not need to starve for months.

Polar Bear Extinction Status in Southern Beaufort Sea

The US Fish and Wildlife Survey suggested a rise in polar bear population in 2012 in comparison to that in 2002. Previously scientists observed the population decline of about 50% but the figures in 2012 reflected on the absolute recovery of the decline.

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