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Polar Bear Facts for Preschoolers

Polar Bear Facts for Preschoolers

We know that kids love to know about polar bears. They want to read polar bear books, watch animated movies in which polar bears play a leading role, and play with polar bear toys. That is why we have gathered fun facts about polar bears for preschoolers. Here kids are probably going to learn some of the basic facts about polar bears.

Good Facts about Polar Bears

  • Polar bears are large-sized animals and they live in the Arctic.
  • Polar bears are mammals. Sometimes they are also called marine mammals because they spend most of their time in water.
  • They have pretty small eyes as compared to their bulky size.
  • Polar bears are also called ‘ice bears’, ‘arctic bears’, and ‘white bears’.
  • Since polar bears live in the North Pole they are called polar bears.
  • Polar bears make habitats on the sea ice.
  • They can survive extreme temperatures of minus 50 degree Celsius.
  • Polar bears eat meat only.
  • They are the largest bears in the world.
  • Polar bear cubs are nearly the size of a ground squirrel when they are born.

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