Polar Bear Tongue – Polar Bear Tongue Color

Do you know what color is a polar bear tongue? The polar bear tongue is actually pink and it is mottled with black that is why it sometimes looks black or even blue. The general properties of its tongue resemble dogs more than the cats. The polar bear tongue is smooth just like the dog’s tongue. Cats do not have a smooth tongue.

Polar Bear Tongue

The polar bear’s skin is black and so as most of its inside organs. The inside of the bear’s lips are absolutely black. Unlike most other bear species, the polar bear lips don’t really move. They are generally not mobile but they do slightly move especially when the bear becomes vocal.

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what color is a polar bear tongue?
A polar bear tongue appears purple or blue but actually it is pink. Polar bear tongue.

Over time many researchers believed that the polar bear has tongue and mouth. However, that is not quite true—not so biologically. Like dog’s tongue, the polar bear tongue side-to-side ridges on the roof of its mouth. These ridges are thickened with keratein protein which indeed assists in chewing the food.


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