Do Polar Bears Scream When they Poop?

Lately, polar bears have been increasingly discussed not only among biologists or scientists—they have turned out to be the topic of debate (though not scientific) among common masses. As it happens, there are quite many rumors and myths that are particularly associated with wild polar bears. One such myth is that why do polar bears scream when they poop. All myths and rumors regarding polar bear poops are not biologically accurate.

Do Polar Bears Scream When they Poop?

While we do not know for sure if polar bears do actually scream or roar when they poop there are certain things that are worth noting. It is reasonable to assume that no researcher may have actually witnessed polar bears pooping in the wild for these animals are not only too hard to observe in such a vast expanse of the Arctic—they are pretty aggressive too. It’s not really possible to observe a live polar bear pooping unless you get too close to them (which is probably not a good idea!). Lately, scientists are attempting to keep track of polar bear scats by using glitter so that they can tell whose poops are whose.

The obvious explanation is that sometimes polar bears starve for months so chances are greater that they don’t poop too much. Even if they do, the question arises as to why do they have to scream while pooping? That just doesn’t stand to any logic whatsoever.

Do Polar Bears Roar or Yell When they Poop?

First of all, who knows polar bears roar or yell or scream while pooping unless one is actually there to witness them live? It is true that you can observe their pooping behavior in sanctuaries or zoos but captive polar bear hardly reflects on the wild animal behavior. Even the leading polar bear researchers Ian Stirling and Andrew Derocher haven’t been able to note down things such as this. Normally polar bears may seem to produce a roaring-like sound but nobody knows to date if polar bears literally roar while pooping.

Do Polar Bears Scream When they Poop? – Video showing captive polar bear pooping but it’s not yelling, screaming, or roaring.


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