How Many Legs Does a Polar Bear have?

Well, apparently polar bears have four legs as they walk like most other land mammals do. But the front limbs serve more like polar bear arms rather than legs. If that is the case then polar bears have only two legs. However, they don’t walk on two legs do they? Let’s see how many legs does a polar bear have?

How Many Legs Does a Polar Bear have?

Like tigers, lions, and other land carnivores, polar bears use their front limbs not only to dig—they also use them to climb. Their front limbs resemble more like human’s arms especially when they use them other than in walk. Horses, zebras, and other ungulates are probably the best examples of animals with four legs because their limbs can only be used in walking or running.

how many legs does a polar bear have?
A polar bear uses its forelegs to dig snow. How many legs does a polar bear have? Photo by abc2news

Polar bear’s front arms become quite obvious when they stand on their hind legs. Polar bears usually stand on two legs when they want to look out for any potential predator or a prey. Nonetheless, their front arms/limbs are called forelegs while rear legs are known as hindlegs. We can therefore conclude that polar bears have four legs just like other land mammals.

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