Do Polar Bears have Webbed Feet?

Yes, polar bears have partially webbed feet one that facilitates them in swimming longer distances. However, the polar bear feet are not even close to the penguin’s or duck’s feet. These birds have fully developed webbed feet. The polar bear’s feet are broad and heavy because the bear must run equally fast on land as it swims. The wide feet help the bear to walk on the sea ice rather efficiently. Polar bears are strong swimmers, probably the strongest of all land carnivores.

do polar bears have webbed feet
A polar bear learning to swim. Do polar bears have webbed feet? Photo by DailyMail

Thanks to their powerful wide paws which allow them to propel through water. Siberian tigers are also excellent swimmers but their feet are not so well adapted to swimming and so they can only swim for short distances. Polar bears, on the other hand, can continuously swim for days. They are pretty comfortable in water so much so that scientists are beginning to wonder if they are marine mammals or land mammals. They typically use their feet to steer while front paws are primarily used in swimming.