Polar Bear Pets Dog – Video

A polar bear pets dog video got viral on Youtube on November 2016. It was a real amateur video one that shows a polar bear is petting a chained dog. The video got more than 7 million hits and why not! It’s only one of its kind. In a video, a wild polar bear is seen petting a dog just like the dog owner would do in such a situation. The reason why video got so many hits is that a polar bear cannot be a friend of a dog for the latter is likely to be on the bear’s menu. But in this case, it was more like a master-slave relationship.

Polar Bear Pets Dog

Although polar bears do don’t often feed on dogs inasmuch as they prey on seals. But they will attack and eat dogs if they find one on their way. Polar bears are opportunistic hunters. A hungry polar bear in particular is known to eat just about anything. The video is remarkable because it shows polar bears sometimes demonstrate affection even to those animals that are nearly the size of their prey. You might have probably noticed another thing that is the dog wasn’t really uncomfortable with the bear’s presence. That could be another reason why the bear didn’t attack it. Anyways, let’s put scientific explanations aside and watch the true affection of a hungry polar bear.

polar bear pets dog
A Polar Bear petting a chained dog. Credit: David de Muelles

That particular polar bear was a hungry wild bear. Chances are that it will attack the dog anytime sooner. But it didn’t attack the dog it was petting. According to the Churchill residents, the polar bear ate another dog alive hours after the video was released. It all happened on November 15, 2016 in Churchill, Canada.

“That was the only day we didn’t feed the f–king bears, the only night we didn’t put anything out,” Churchill resident Brian Ladoon told Bryce Hoye at CBC News.

Polar Bear Pets Dog – Video