Polar Bear Facts for First Graders

Polar bears fascinate children of all ages much less first graders. They always do. That is why we have decided to come up with top most interesting facts about polar bears for first graders. These facts are pretty simple. Your kids can note down these facts if they find it useful. Let’s see how many facts do we have for first graders.

  1. Polar bears are large animals and they live in extremely cold places such as Arctic.
  2. Polar bears are protected with thick guard hairs which prevent them from catching cold.
  3. They are strong good swimmers. Polar bears can swim for days without stopping.
  4. They can also run on land. Unlike other bears, polar bears do not eat green vegetation.
  5. Polar bears often give up chases in long run.
  6. Polar bears love to eat seals.
  7. The mother polar bear can spend 4 to 5 months without eating.
  8. They are not scared of humans nor do they often attack them.
  9. Polar bears heavily rely on the sea ice for making homes.
  10. They possess one of the shortest tails of all bear species.


Through this blog I am not only going to initiate the debate over polar bears—in fact I’ll be looking forward to initiating genuine wisdom and perspective on polar bears. The polarbearfacts.net is a project which is designed to educate just about everyone including teachers, scholars, students, kids, and laymen but, above all, the polar bear lovers!

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