About Us

Hello everyone! I am Waleed, the researcher and founder of polarbearfacts.net. While I do not have deep expertise in writing I do have an undeniable passion that helps others learn more. Over the past few years I have virtually developed a real interest in studying polar bear’s behavior, ecology, population, predator-prey relationships, and just about anything regarding Arctic’s deadliest predator. The reason why I started this research is that there are already too many controversies regarding polar bears that one can barely trust either of them. Well, controversies are controversies! Forget about them. Here I am going to show you some definitive facts and figures to the best of my abilities.

Through this blog I am not only going to initiate the debate over polar bears—in fact I’ll be looking forward to initiating genuine wisdom and perspective on polar bears. The polarbearfacts.net is a project which is designed to educate just about everyone including teachers, scholars, students, kids, and laymen but, above all, the polar bear lovers!

Have a Great Day!

Waleed Khalid

Researcher and Chief-Editor