How Big is a Polar Bear Paw? – Polar Bear Paw

Like polar bear’s skull, polar bear paws are massive in size. The front paws points inwards as the polar bear walks. It does seem like a pigeon-toed. Polar bears most often walk rather than trot. They do however gallop on their paws. Do you want to know how big is a polar paw as compared to other animal’s paws?

How Big is a Polar Bear Paw? – Polar Bear Paw

The polar bear’s paw measures 30 cm (12 inches) in width—almost four times the size of a human’s paw. The Siberian tiger’s paw measures only 15 cm that is only half the size of a polar bear paw. Similarly, African lions have 12.9 wide paws. Clearly, polar bears have got the biggest paws of all land carnivores.

There are small soft papillae or bumps that cover the paw pads. These bumps essentially play a vital role in providing traction on the ice. The polar bear paws resemble other bear’s paws but the former are surprisingly dexterous.


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