How Big is a Male Polar Bear? – Male Polar Bear Size

Polar bears are among the most sexually dimorphic mammals in that the male is twice the size of a female. If you ever visit the Arctic and you’re lucky enough to see a big yellow spot navigating through the Arctic—that would probably be a male polar bear. Adult male polar bear has a shoulder height of about 4 to 5 feet.

How Tall is a Male Polar Bear?

The shoulder height of a male polar bear averages 122 to 160 cm (4 feet 0 inch to 5 feet 3 inches). The average length of a male polar bear is 7 feet 10 inches to 9 feet 10 inches. Adult males are not only twice the height of a female bear—they are two times the weight of a female. Mature males will take the advantage of their big size and they likely become aggressive and sometimes eat polar bear cubs. Females, on the other hand are quite vulnerable as they can defend their cubs from any potential predators except for male polar bears. You can watch the National Geographic video below where a male polar bear attacks and eats the polar bear cub while the female bear could do nothing but to escape for her own life.

How Big is a Male Polar Bear? – Video a dominant and hungry male polar bear kills the cub in front of its mother and eats it. (watch with a heavy heart)

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