Can Polar Bears Jump? – How High Can a Polar Bear Jump?

Polar bears do not jump in a way other land predators do. Tigers have got the amazing ability to jump right from the spot they’re standing. Siberian tigers can jump up to 12 feet high vertically. Their hind limbs are strong enough to push their body upwards and lift heavy weight. Polar bears on the other hand have massive stocky body and their back is relatively high as compared to the front. The physical built of a polar bear makes her difficult to jump vertical upwards.

Polar bears can nevertheless jump horizontally which is often seen when they move from one ice floe to the other. However they cannot jump while running. The unorthodox physic of bear doesn’t seem to allow her to jump during running. But they can and they do (often) stand on their hind legs especially during play-fight. Ice bears also jump when they are about to dive into the water. An act of jumping always takes place in a forward horizontal direction in polar bears.

Can Polar Bears Jump? – Video


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