Is a Polar Bear a Carnivore? – Are Polar Bears Carnivores?

Yes! Polar bear is a carnivore indeed it is the most carnivorous of all bear species. Polar bears need and eat fats all the time which they get from seals. The primary diet of the ice bear is ringed seal and bearded seal. While young bears consume the seal’s meat adult bears feed on the seal blubber to take as much fat as they possibly can. Polar bears are exclusively meat-eaters. They belong to the carnivora order. Bears may supplement their diet with hooded seal, harp seal or whale and dolphin carcasses but they may not resort to eating plants matter. Let us see if polar bear carnivore or omnivore.

Is a Polar Bear a Carnivore?

Although brown or grizzly bears and black bears also belong to the order carnivora they do not rely on meat as much as polar bears do. Asian bears and North American bears supplement their diet with grasses, shoots, sedges, fruits, and berries along with fish. But same is not the case with polar bears. They never eat plants or grasses. Polar bear eats grass only once or probably twice in two years. Sometimes male bears feed on grass soon after copulation or mating. Apart from that white bears are not generally known to consume grass. There are not many plants or trees in the Arctic which is besides the point. They would love to take proteins and fats in their regular diet.

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Why are Polar Bears Carnivores?

Polar bears possess longer and sharper canines than any other bear species. These canines serve as sharp knives that can rip the flesh off and can easily cut the hardest part of the skin. Furthermore, polar bears must eat proteins to survive the frigid arctic weather.

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