How Many Claws Does a Polar Bear have? Number of Claws

Like all bears, the polar bear has five pointed horny nails on each digit of its foot. The polar bear claws aren’t only shorter than their grizzly cousins, they are slightly curved too. (See in detail: Polar Bear Claws). In this article, however we going to discuss the number of claws a polar bear have and compare it with other bears.

How Many Claws Does a Polar Bear have?

Simply put; polar bears have five claws. These are all non-retractable. Many other land carnivores in particular big cats have retractable claws in that they show their claws only when they are hunting. Polar bears are unable to do so. Therefore, bear’s claws are thought to be more vulnerable to injuries in comparison to tigers or lions.

how many claws does a polar bear have
A big polar bear claw. How many claws does a polar bear have?

The grizzly bear’s claws are not only longer—they are also straighter as compared to polar bear claws. Grizzly bears probably use their long straight claws in excavating insect-filled logs or dig up roots. Unlike polar bears, grizzlies rarely use their claws in snagging fleeing prey.

Polar bears do not use their sharp claws in climbing nor do they use them in digging. American black bears, the smallest of the bears, have probably the shortest of the claws. Black bears use their curved claws in climbing trees. They are excellent climbers.

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