Is a Polar Bear a Mammal? – Are Polar Bears Mammals?

Yes polar bear is a mammal. It possesses all the required characteristics of mammals. The ice bear is the carnivorous mammal. It is in fact the most carnivorous of all bear species. Polar bear is also the world’s largest carnivorous land mammal living today.

Is a Polar Bear a Mammal?

Like all mammals, polar bear females nurse their cubs with milk. The female possesses mammary glands through which the milk is secreted.

Polar bears possess heart which has four chambers. All mammals have four-chambered heart.

White bears are viviparous in that they give birth to live young instead of laying eggs.

Is a Polar Bear a Marine Mammal?

While polar bear is the largest carnivorous land mammal she is also referred to as the marine mammal because the bear spends more than half of her life in water.

Polar bears have got the amazing ability to swim great distances. They can cover hundreds of kilometers in water without even relaxing. Characteristics such as these make polar bear the marine mammal.

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