Polar Bear Habitat for Kids

Habitat is a place where an animal lives. It is the animal’s home. Polar bear habitat is different from other land predators or even other bear species. Most other bear habitats consist of green vegetation but the polar bear habitat is the combination of ice and water. Although the bear is a land animal it is also called marine mammal because polar bear spends half of its life in swimming. It is now time to explore some of the most interesting facts about polar bear habitat for kids.

Polar Bear Habitat for Kids

  • The polar bear makes home on an annual sea ice especially the ice floes that float in water. It will build dens on the ice to protect their cubs from potential predators.
  • This shows that the primary habitat of a polar bear lies where the sea ice actually meets the Arctic water.
  • Polar bears prefer to choose icy habitats because they hunt seals by standing over the ice floes. They will rarely chase seals into the water.
  • The polar bear habitat is not composed of freshwater because it is mostly locked up in snow.
  • Annual ice doesn’t necessarily occur throughout the year—it melts during the summer. In the James Bay and Hudson Bay the ice completely disappears—making it hard for polar bears to hunt seals.
  • The female polar bear generally builds dens on large frozen ice packs.
  • Polar bears do not make habitats in North Pole because the density of seals is pretty low at the Pole.
  • The temperature of a polar bear habitat is 10 °C (50 °F).

Polar Bear Habitat for Kids – Video

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