What Do Polar Bears Eat for Kids?

In this article we are going to discuss polar bear diet for kids. Polar bears are super carnivores which mean that they do not eat anything other than the meat. Polar bears are probably the only bear species that do not eat vegetation. They are the biggest of all bears. Polar bears eat a wide variety of animals and they do not generally depend on one or few animals. Let us now study in detail what animals do polar bears eat for kids.

What Do Polar Bears Eat for Kids?

Polar Bears eat Ringed and Bearded Seals

Polar bears love to eat ringed seals and bearded seals. If you plan to raise one of the polar bears in captivity (which is probably not a good idea) you can feed them with seals all day long. They like to eat seals inasmuch as kids like to eat Macdonald’s happy meals. Seals are quite common in the Arctic which is possibly one of the few reasons why polar bears prefer to feed on them. Besides, bears eat seals because they get fats (out of them) which help polar bears to spend months without eating anything.

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what do polar bears eat for kids
Chris Desborough — National Geographic Your Shot

Polar Bears eat Beluga Whales and Narwhals for Kids

It’s true that whales are not top of the polar bear’s menu but they do eat whales when they find one along the way. It mostly happens when a beluga whale gets entrapped in between the large chunks of ice. When a polar bear finds a beluga whale or narwhal it waits for the right opportunity to seize the whale. When the whale comes to the surface to breathe the bear grabs it and drags the whale to the sea ice.

Photo by P. Woods Ryan — National Geographic Your Shot

Polar Bears eat Arctic Char for Kids

Although polar bears do not usually like to eat fish in a way brown bears do—they do hunt fish when their primary prey goes short. Polar bears especially like to feed on arctic charr.

what do polar bears eat for kids
Arctic Char

Polar Bears eat Caribou for Kids

Caribou or reindeer are probably not as small as ringed seals. Adult caribou weighs up to 250 pounds but polar bears have got the ability to hunt large mammals such as this. Bears hunt caribou only in summer when the sea ice melts so the polar bears must survive on land mammals.

what do polar bears eat for kids
Caribou Jack Garr — National Geographic Your Shot


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