Do Polar Bears and Penguins Live Together?


Do you have any idea where do polar bears and penguins live? No! Polar bears and penguins live in absolutely different locations. Polar bears live in the Northern Hemisphere while penguins inhabit the Southern Hemisphere. They are far apart—living on the opposite ends. It is reasonable to believe that none of them ever saw the other in their native habitats. Possibility may exist that some polar bears migrate to the South Pole (since habitat conditions are almost the same) but no such movement has ever been reported. Let us study as if polar bears and penguins live in the same place.

Do Polar Bears and Penguins Live Together?

Penguins are flightless aquatic birds while polar bears are marine mammals but they do hunt on land. Polar bears live in the Arctic which is a polar region and it occurs at the northernmost tip of the earth. Penguins, on the contrary, live in the southernmost part of the earth, Antarctic.

What if Polar Bears and Penguins Live Together?

Should polar bears start living in the Antarctic no penguin would dare to survive because polar bears are land-based predators and also due to the fact that penguins are flightless birds. They cannot escape if they cannot fly—not at least from polar bears.

But penguins are able to dive into the water. Well, let’s not forget that polar bears are outstanding swimmers too. They do it all too well as a matter of fact white bears spend half of their entire life in water. Had penguins been living in the Arctic or polar bears in the Antarctic the relationship between the two would be a predator-prey relationship. Thanks to nature that has kept both species apart and alive.

Do Polar Bears and Penguins Live in the Same Place? – Video


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