Polar Bears in Captivity

Polar bears are one of the few wild animals that do not breed well in captivity in comparison to its natural habitat. They are not thought to be the ideal species to be raised as a captive animal. White bears do not only need proper diet but also appropriate environment. In fact they are more likely to rely on natural environment rather than food.

Polar bears are highly adaptable to living in the frigid arctic habitat—something that they don’t often find in zoos. Scientists always believe that we should make efforts to preserve polar bear’s natural habitat instead of adopting one for zoos. Wild animals let alone polar bears are not meant to entertain people.

polar bears in captivity

Polar bears are aggressive not only in the wild but also in captivity. The captive bear is no less powerful than the one in the wild. The concept of keeping wild animals is not only bad for animals but also for humans. Many a times we have heard news about polar bears attacking people in zoos or in sanctuaries.

polar bears in captivity
A polar bear swimming in a Copenhagen Zoo. ©The Copenhagen Post

In 1987 in the Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn two polar bears attacked 11-year-old boy and killed him on the spot. Later police officers shot both bears with 20 bullets. This indeed proves one thing that loss of one precious human life and two bears are primarily caused by raising animals in captivity. Essentially zoos bring wild animals and humans closer to each other which in turn render both people and polar bears redundant.

Polar Bears in Captivity around the World

  1. Bronx Zoo, New York
  2. Dalian Forest Zoo, China
  3. Aquazoo Friesland, Netherlands
  4. Monde Sauvage”, Aywaille, Belgium
  5. Diergaarde Blijdorp Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  6. Nanjing Underwater World, China
  7. Tierpark Hagenbeck, Germany
  8. Wildlands, Emmen, Netherlands
  9. Wuppertal Zoo, Germany
  10. Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean World, China
  11. Beijing Zoo, China
  12. Xi’an Qujian Polar Ocean Park, China
  13. ZOOM Erlebniswelt, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  14. Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig, Scotland
  15. Zoo Berlin, Germany
  16. Zoo Brno, Czech Republic
  17. Harbin Polarland
  18. Zoo Praha, Czech Republic
  19. Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven, Germany


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