How Much Does a Baby Polar Bear Weigh?

Baby polar bears are way too small as compared to adult bears. They are usually born in November and February. At birth, the baby polar bear typically shows light down fur which is probably not dense enough to protect it from the chilling cold of the Arctic. Now let us see how much do polar bear cubs weigh at birth.

How Much Does a Baby Polar Bear Weigh?

The newborn baby polar weighs only 2 pounds or 0.9 kilogram—nearly the weight of an adult ground squirrel. It is curious that an animal weighing only a couple of pounds at birth reaches the size of the biggest land carnivore in the world. However small it is at birth, the baby polar bear grows pretty quickly especially in the initial days of its birth. The polar bear cub stays in a den for up to mid-April after which the cubs leave the den. By the time the cubs leave the den they weigh 22 to 33 pounds.

how much does a baby polar bear weigh
A polar bear cub. How much does a baby polar bear weigh?. Photo by DailyMail

Scientists wonder why do baby polar bears are born so little at birth. One probable reason (according to researchers) might be that the female polar bear doesn’t eat anything during the hibernation-like state so the baby polar bear comes out just as weak. The mother starves for months in dormancy period which indeed renders the baby polar bear rather feeble.

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