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What Is A Toy Bernedoodle?

What Is A Toy Bernedoodle?

Everyone loves a dog that is high-spirited, loving, and affectionate. one breed that aptly fits these characteristics is the toy Bernadoodle. Although cultivated only a few decades back, this new cross-breed has made its place in every pet lover’s heart. 

Known as the Bernese mountain poo in certain regions, this is a cross between a miniature poodle and a Bernese mountain dog. This unique mix makes them lovable, strong, and intelligent. Whether you think the Bernadoodle is a perfect fit for your family or just want to know more about it, this is the ideal article for you. Discussed here are some amazing facts about this breed and why you should consider getting them. For more information about Bernedoodles, visit We Love Doodles.

A Perfect Mix:

As mentioned before, the most common Bernadoodle species come from a 50/50 split of a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. However, you can also find ones with a bernedoodle and poodle parent or a Bernadoodle and Bernese mountain dog parent. Understanding the heritage of your dog can help you know about their possible health issues, traits, and how to care for them. 

Available In a Number of Sizes:

A lesser-known fact about this dog breed is that they come in as many sizes as a poodle. Even though Bernese mountain dogs do not get any smaller than 70 pounds, a Bernedoodle’s size can vary anywhere from 10 pounds to 70 pounds. Evidently, a toy or mini Bernadoodle is on the lighter side. 

They Do Not Shed Much:

Bernadoodles are usually very fluffy and look like they shed a lot; however, this is a misconception. The genes of a poodle mainly influence their coat, making it more curly than straight. Although you can find straight-haired Bernadoodles, they are relatively infrequent. O if you are looking for a poufy pet but are allergic to shedding, this is a good option. Thanks to the coat heritage, these dogs are hypoallergenic. Nevertheless, this does not mean you will be sneeze-free. So make sure you do proper research before getting one if you are susceptible to allergies.

They Are Very Social:

Bernadoodles tend to have the temperament of both a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. They are usually relaxed and calm, much like a Bernese mountain dog. They tend to be easy-going, and you do not have to run around behind them, trying to satiate their energy appetite. That said, they are very energetic and fun when required, like a poodle. They are always ready for a game of catch or hiking. 

They Can Sometimes Be Emotionally Needy:

Although aloof, Bernadoodles have a tendency to love affection. They always want to feel like they are a part of the family. Maybe not the center of attention, but they will surely always be around with you. This makes it imperial for you to keep them close to you at all times. Avoid making them stay in outdoor kennels or tying them up to a lease. That said, you must take a Bernadoodle on a walk or hiking regularly. They love to outside and might get bored and depressed when stuck inside the house for too long. 

They Are Very Obedient:

Bernadoodles are known to be one of the most intelligent and obedient dogs. If trained properly, they will listen to each and every command without hesitation. That said, they can sometimes be a little stubborn. So it is best if you start training them early, much like most other breeds. You can always hire professional trainers to help with this. 

They Have Lesser Health Issues:

It goes without saying that cross-breeds tend to be less susceptible to illnesses when compared to purebred dogs. In addition to that, Bernadoodles come from a very strong heritage, making their immune system even more potent. However, this does not mean that they are immune. The most common health problems Bernadoodles suffer from are elbow and hi[ dysplasia and eye problems. It would be best if you regularly got them tested by a vet to ensure your dog does not fall prey to these ailments. 

They Come In Many Different Coats And Colors:

A Bernadoodle’s physical attributes are mainly passed down from a poodle. This is mainly why they tend to have a curlier coat with many different colors. Most commonly, you can see black, white, and brown in different patterns. However, there are other rarer colors like marbled grey and white black. The latter set of colors mainly comes from the Bernese mountain dog and are more common in larger Bernadoodles. 

In Conclusion

These are some facts that make the Bernadoodle an amazing dog. Fairly new, this breed has made quite the news, and for all the right reasons. If you are a first-time owner and want an easy-going, fun, and loyal dog, this will be your best buy. 

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