do polar bears eat orcas?

Do Polar Bears Eat Orcas?

Polar bears and orcas do not appear to have any direct predator-prey relationship. While both inhabit the same environmental conditions they seldom go after...
polar bear behavior

Polar Bear Behavior

Depends on the location polar bears have varied home ranges. Some bears seem to occupy as much as thousands of kilometers while others use...

Polar Bear Facts

largest polar bear found
Polar bears are the one of the biggest bears—second only to Kodiak bears. Big male bears are twice the size of adult tigers. But where is the biggest polar bear in the world? Is it alive or dead? Did scientists find the world’s largest polar bear in captivity or in the natural habitat? We are going to address these...

Random Facts

Characteristics & Features

largest polar bear found

Largest Polar Bear on Record –Biggest Polar Bear Ever

Polar bears are the one of the biggest bears—second only to Kodiak bears. Big male...
can polar bears survive in warm weather?

Can Polar Bears Survive in Warm Climates?

Polar bears inhabit one of the coldest places on earth where the average temperature for...
what color is a polar bear tongue?

Polar Bear Tongue – Polar Bear Tongue Color

Do you know what color is a polar bear tongue? The polar bear tongue is...
do polar bears have whiskers?

Do Polar Bears have Whiskers?

Polar bears have long evolved to occupy and dominate its ecological niche primarily due to...
why do polar bears have small ears?

Why Do Polar Bears have Small Ears? – Polar Bear Ears

Unlike polar bear’s elongated skull, large feet, and huge paw they have got small ears—perhaps...

Do you know what actually do polar bears eat in their lifetime?

Anatomical Explanation

how many claws does a polar bear have

How Many Claws Does a Polar Bear have? Number of Claws

Like all bears, the polar bear has five pointed horny nails on each digit of...
polar bear penis

Polar Bear Penis – Polar Bear Genitalia and Testes Growth

The polar bear penis possesses baculum—a penis bone which is found in nearly all placental...
what do polar bears look like

What Do Polar Bears Look Like? – Polar Bear Description

Polar bears look like a white mammoth-sized animal that navigates through the Arctic sea ice...
polar bear liver

Polar Bear Liver – Polar Bear Liver Vitamin A Toxicity

According to a legend, many centuries ago one of the individuals of some indigenous group...
can polar bears climb

Can Polar Bears Climb Trees?

Polar bears have got quite many adaptations to survive in the Arctic. They can swim...